Is it just me, or was the lack of Dick and Wally interaction in this week's episode really disappointing? I was looking forward to finally seeing them reconcile after what they've been through this season. :(

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Yeah … me, too, a little. This is yet another thing I feel weird about weighing in on, so feel free to send an ask if you disagree because I don’t want to offend anyone.  

I loved the episode, but this is western media, and romance trumps friendship so we shouldn’t really be surprised.

Season one was just unique and special in that it recognized a relationship where two people really cared about each other even though - in spite of the fact - it could never have physical side-benefits (because of western media, again), and we got lucky in that way. I think it gave both of them a lot of real depth, too, which was nice.

That sort of thing doesn’t have to get less important as people grow up, but it’s really rare to see that in the media, so that’s standard. It’s too bad, but that’s life. :(

I am a little disappointed that it looks like Greg’s SPOILER about them will probably turn out to be not that big a deal. There’s one more episode, but it seems like the spoiler was just that they’d be friends again, and “either character would give his life for his friend” wasn’t directly relevant or any sort of deal. It would have been SO bamf, but we just read too much into it, and I feel silly now. Oh well.

However, I’m really glad he gave it to us; I don’t know if I could have stood being on pins and needles about them the rest of the season, since we never saw Wally before it was over.

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